Our missions

With direct links to the client, the Assistant to the Project Owner organises the project's administrative and financial set up for him and establishes its programme and the specification.

He consults the Project Management teams and launches the diagnostics. During construction, he ensures compliance with financial, legal and functional constraints and lastly he assists the Project Owner during acceptance and the warranty period. He is thus the professional who guides his client in his construction project.

The General Contractor directs all the execution studies of the intervening parties, ensuring their compatibility and compliance with the initial design and the administrative, technical and architectural descriptions. He checks the compliance with standards and regulations in force with the inspecting authority.

He directs the work ensuring compliance with validated studies and approvals issued by the specialists and the inspecting authority. He introduces a quality initiative validating the mandatory control stages to achieve optimised implementation quality. Assisted by a scheduling, overseeing and coordination officer, he ensures compliance with operation deadlines and organises operations prior to acceptance of works. He assists the Project Owner in his task of accepting and operating the structure.

He monitors the works financially and administratively.

He is therefore the conductor of the project and the interface between the works contractors and the Project Owner.

The scheduling, overseeing and coordination officer uses the schedules to produce logical programming of elementary tasks to be accomplished and their sequences by analysing those potentially mobile and those that cannot be moved. This produces the operation's critical path. He sets the decision and control milestones used to validate each stage to reach acceptance of the structure.

He harmonises the resources used by all intervening parties to optimise their output and efficiency. He ensures compliance with the timetable and analyses malfunctions and uncertainties that can have a detrimental effect on allocated times. He analyses their more general consequences and proposes catch-up solutions and penalties for those responsible. He ensures on-site compliance with the work organisation, logistics and safety instructions.

The scheduling, overseeing and coordination officer thus organises all the works and is the human and professional link between all intervening parties.

We work on projects in the pipeline and look for possible ways forwards in terms of organisation, to advise the client on the technical approaches to be undertaken and to provide answers that will lead him to confirm the project.

This approach is especially useful in implementing specific techniques. It is also essential for projects in occupied sites (public or private) with work phases with varying safety constraints for people and organisation of services.

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